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The insurance is important part of your move and it is very important that you will choose the right insurance that will cover your household goods value, properly. All the moving companies must have insurance to operate and to transport household goods. However the coverage that provided by the moving companies is different. We hope that our moving insurance tips will help you to choose the right insurance for your move.

Types Of Moving Insurance:

Released Value

The released value insurance is the basic insurance that provide by most of the moving companies. The coverage of this insurance is $0.60 per pound for each one of your articles.
For example: if you have a table that weight 100 pounds the insurance will cover the table up to $60.

Declared Value

The coverage of the declared value insurance based on the total weight of your items times the amount that paid Per pound. Usually the coverage is $1.25 per pound.
For example: if the total weight of your items is 1000 pound the insurance will cover you up to $1250. In case of damage the insurance will be based on the depreciated value of the damaged item up to the maximum value of all the items that you shipped.

Lump Sum Value

The lump sum value insurance gives you the option to insure your items by the actual value of the items and not by the weight of the items. You will need to declare on specific value for your items and to write it down on the bill of lading.

Full Value Protection

The full value protection will cover all damaged or lost article by replacing, repairing or either by sending you cash back for the Value of the damaged or lost articles.

Few Steps That Can Help To Choose The Right Moving Insurance For Your Belonging:

Step One:

First you have two important decisions to make. The first decision is: which items are going to move to your new location and which items you are going to leave behind. The second important decision is: which items you are going to take with you to your new location and which items you are going to send with the moving company.

Tip: Take money and jewelry with you, your moving insurance does not cover them.

Step Two:

Make a list of all the articles that you need to move (leave a blank space on your paper to write the value and the Weight of each article).

Step Three:

Make an estimate of the weight for each one of the articles (you can use the estimate that you have received from the moving companies).

Step Four:

Write down the value of each article that you planning to move.

Step Five:

Make totals of the value, the weight and the number of the articles that you planning to move.

Step Six:

Check again and make sure that all of the items that you need to move to your new location included on your list.

Step Seven:

Now it's time to choose one of the moving insurances that are listed on the top of our moving insurance tips page.

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