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Movinguide.com was founded in 2004. The purpose of the website is to provide moving guides, tools and competitive rates for moving and storage needs by customers' individual requirements. Movinguide.com's web-site is absolutely a free tool for finding the best moving companies nationwide. Movinguide.com wants to simplify everything for you and to make your move less stressful. Movinguide.com will help you find quality moving companies in your area. Movinguide.com's web-site will provide you with helpful information about moving under the title moving tips or about moving insurance under the title insurance tips. No credit card is required by Movinguide.com's web-site when you submit your request for quotes from moving companies.

About our company

Movinguide.com is a large website and project of our company. Our company wants to make moving as simple and as pleasant as possible for you. For us, customer's satisfaction it top priority, and we aim at providing you with the most reliable information and quotes for your moving. We aim at making your moving experience a smooth one.

Our goals

1. To help people that needs to move in the most efficient manneras.
2. To help you the moving company's owner to develop your business.
3. To become the best source in the Internet for people that needs moving services.
4. To become the leading web site for top quality moving companies nationwide.

For more information or questions about our services please fill free to contact us at:
http://www.jmlsmt.com/contact.shtml or for faster respond, please contact us by this email info@movinguide.com.

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