Where We’ve Been; Where We’re Going

Things are pretty bare bones at the moment.

As many of you may have noticed, our online presence for the past month has been shaky. Our old website was compromised due to a WordPress exploit, and though we had the means to identify the problem we did not have the access to fix it and decided the best course of action was to temporarily take the site down.

Fortunately, we are back up and running with our own hosting, and should be better and faster than ever! Things definitely do not look pretty, but basic site functionality has returned. Past episodes will be made available through an archive soon, and for now our recent episodes are accessible through RSS and our past video episodes are available through our youtube channel.

As for the future, we are hoping to make some slight changes to continue increasing the quality of the show. Much of this is still in the idea phase, but there are some exciting things in the works!

Thank you all for your continued support. We hope to continue bringing laughs to your weeks.